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Making Healthy Families
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Welcome to Making Healthy Families, a parenting and family resource for childbirth, pregnancy and raising healthy families brought to you by prenatal and family development expert Dr. Gayle Peterson. Search these articles for guidelines based on scientific research on what promotes and ensures healthy family relationships. Our families are the gardens in which we grow, parents and children alike. Information on family processes that promote connection over disconnection spell the difference.
EC Book
 • Birth: Letting go of the fear
 • Can treating depression improve your fertility?
 • Strategies to prevent prenatal depression
 • Tips for bonding with your unborn child
 • Is it too soon for a second child?
 • Healing from a traumatic birth
 • More pregnancy & childbirth articles
  NEW- Companion Audio CD
MHF Book
 • Characteristics of healthy families
 • Communication and problem solving
 • Making healthy stepfamilies
 • How to choose a marriage counselor
 • Rebuilding relationship after an affair
 • I feel like I am losing my sex drive
 • Is divorce always damaging to children?
 • More articles on making healthy families
 • Excerpt: What is good enough parenting?
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Featured Article
Body Centered Hypnosis for Childbirth
"Medical research has shown that fear can affect labor by decreasing blood levels of oxytocin. My prenatal counseling program incorporates body-centered hypnosis and techniques for coping which allow a woman to anticipate her physical and emotional response to labor, to master her fear, thus allowing a greater potential for a smooth, uncomplicated childbirth..." from An Easier Childbirth. Read the entire article.
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Questions every parent should ask before having a baby
Communication and Problem Solving
Promoting Healthy Family Relationships
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