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Body-Centered Hypnosis for Childbirth

Introductory Training in the Peterson Method of Counseling and Hypnosis for Childbirth: A self-study course

A $75 discount is applied to the full training course, should you wish to pursue further study within 30 days! CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON THE FULL TRAINING COURSE.

Frequently Asked Questions about the full Certification Training Program

Click here to View Video Excerpts of The Introductory Training Course.

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online link or DVD options

The online training video shows Gayle Peterson at work and illustrates her hypnosis technique with pregnant women. It brings to life the principles of holistic prenatal care presented in her ground-breaking book, Birthing Normally. Basic principles and techniques of body centered hypnosis and visualization are presented in a clear easy-to-identify format of live sessions interspersed with teaching instruction for the childbirth professional. The training manual assists in applying the methods and techniques presented through self-study. DVD available on request, contact gp@askdrgayle.com.


."...Gayle Peterson uses vocal intonations, symbols and visual imagery to encode messages in the body and address deep emotional concerns which affect the pregnant woman during labor and birth.  Therapists will learn the power of body-centered hypnosis and the techniques for reaching the unconscious, such as tonality, phrasing and embedded commands."

Deborah Davis
The Doula Magazine

"Dr. Gayle Peterson is a nationally recognized leader and author in the field of perinatal psychology and family development. Those already familiar with her ideas from her books, Birthing Normally and An Easier Childbirth will welcome this opportunity to see her in action. Body centered hypnosis, as developed by Dr. Peterson is a powerful technique for resolving past childbirth and birth trauma, facilitating normal delivery, decreasing risk of prematurity and increasing  maternal-infant bonding.  This video makes the principles of holistic prenatal care, which she has pioneered, accessible to mental health practitioners who are in a unique position to work with families during this pivotal family transition

The video is well-made and held my interest. This is a great medium for gaining an understanding of these techniques, which can be applied by mental health professionals who work with pregnant women."

Rahima Baldwin,

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